Get here an idea about timing.

By Turnaround time we mean the time it takes from the moment we receive your confirmed order (and most of the times partial) payment until you receive your deliverables.
The turnaround time depends on three (or more) factors. These factors are:
1) the type of cards (or service) you are interested
2) shipping time (depends on the distance from Hong Kong as well as on the performance of various post office services beyond Hong Kong), and
3) in some countries a customs inspection might incur.

The Faster Turnaround Time is on the business cards. It can be as soon as within 3-4 days. On the contrary, the slowest Turnaround Time is typical with the precious metal cards (such as gold 24k, silver, etc. ) which can be up to a few weeks. For more product-specific turnaround time, please contact us.

Business Cards: Typical turnaround times

Status Duration of Each Status
1.Place order Same day
2.Payment Credit Card or Paypal: Same day
Bank Transfer: 0-3 working days
3.Design 0-3 working days after payment was confirmed
4.Printing 1-2 business days (after you approved the design)
Shipping in Hong Kong 0-1 working days
Macau 1-3 working days
Singapore 1-4 working days
All other locations 5-24 working days (depending on the location)

The times mentioned above are provided as a reference and may differ.

  • In Hong Kong, the average turnaround time (for business cards) is about 4-6 business days. 
  • In Macau, the average turnaround time is about 5-8 business days.
  • In Singapore and Japan, the average turnaround time is about 5-9 business days.
  • In other locations, the average turnaround time usually varies within 5-24 working days.
  • The above times are ONLY for business cards.
  • FPS, Credit Card, Paypal is the fastest method to receive payment, and bank transfer can be the slowest.
  • For your reference, you may examine the table below for each one of the production stages.
  • Many of these steps can happen on the same day. For example, it’s possible that on the same day as you placed your order, your order is sent to the printer with your approval.
  • In case a Black Rain Storm Warning Signal or a Typhoon 8 (or above) Warning Signal is raised by the Hong Kong Observatory we shall halt our operations until the warning is no longer active.
  • The speed of our service may be affected or even suspended under severe weather conditions. These conditions may include torrential rains with thunderstorms, when typhoon signal No.8 is hoisted (Hong Kong Observatory scale) or when a black rainstorm warning is in effect. Additionally, when ships and flights are suspended, for whatever reason, then transportation and logistics might suffer from significant delays to due temporarily unforeseen circumstances.