Returns and Replacements

We do our best to deliver you the best possible cards. Typically returns or replacements shouldn’t happen.

Replacements, however, could occur in some cases, and we if they do, we do our best to make things right. For example, if we find out that there was an error that we are responsible for, and it slipped through our inspection. In such case, we would print your cards again at our expense, and we would make sure that the result perfect.

For us, returns are a serious matter. To prevent mistakes and make sure we deliver the perfect result, we have three inspections in total. There are two design inspections before printing, of which the final design inspection you have to approve. Further on there is one more inspection upon the printing is complete. We have a technical print quality control, in which we examine the paper and printing quality, as well as the quality of the printing finish items, if any. So you don’t have to worry about replacements at all, we got you covered.

As of July 2016, we had had only one return within two years, and this was due to customer providing wrong phone number.