Business Card Paper Guide

You can preview and familiarise with our business card papers on this page.

Pricing by card sets

 Matt Laminated
250 gsm
Matt Laminated
350 gsm
Whitepaper Woodfree
260 gsm
Printing & Delivery3 bus. days (or more)4 bus. days (or more)3 bus. days (or more)
100 CardsHK$ 230HK$ 270HK$ 250
200 CardsHK$ 260HK$ 290HK$ 270
300 CardsHK$ 290HK$ 320HK$ 300
400 CardsHK$ 320HK$ 350HK$ 330
500 CardsHK$ 350HK$ 380HK$ 360
600 CardsHK$ 380HK$ 410HK$ 390
700 CardsHK$ 410HK$ 440HK$ 420
800 CardsHK$ 440HK$ 470HK$ 450
900 CardsHK$ 470HK$ 500HK$ 480
1000 CardsHK$ 500HK$ 530HK$ 510

Paper Image Gallery

Please preview the papers by clicking on the respective numbers shown below.

1. Matt Laminated 250 gsm
2. Matt Laminated 350 gsm

3. Woodfree 260 gsm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I see and touch some real paper samples?

It may be possible. Get in touch to ask for more or arrange a meeting.

I don't know what paper to choose. Can you help?

No worries.  Maybe the following tips can help:
Most popular paper: Matt Laminated 250 gsm
Smoothest Paper: Matt Laminated 250 gsm or 350 gsm
Thickest Paper: Matt Laminated 350 gsm
Most Paper-feel texture: Woodfree 260 gsm
Most Unique Paper: Woodfree 260 gsm

What is the minimum I can order?

100 pieces. Smaller quantity is not possible.

How often do you print?

We print nearly every day and the lead times depending on the paper you choose.

How often do you ship cards?

We ship nearly every day. Ocassionally we may ship on Saturdays too.

Can I collect my printed cards from your office?

Unfortunately no. Your cards never pass through our office. They are printed at the printing workshop in Kwun Tong. We also don’t store them anywhere temporarily (storage is too expensive in HK), and so we don’t offer the option of picking up. As soon as they’re finished, either a courier will pick them up or we will drop them off directly at the courier facility (located in the same building as the workshop). Ocassionally we may drop off cards to the post 0ffice, when we do have international orders.

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1. The photos of the paper above are a visual guide for your reference only.
2. The actual material may differ on the real cards than what you can see on the screen, but the look should be somewhat similar.
3. All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars.
4. Due to the printing process, there may be a variation of about 3~5% on the volume of cards delivered.
5. Even though extremely rare, some paper types may become out of stock for a day or two.
6. In case a paper is out of stock, it may take longer to print (especially near the time of the Chinese New Year).
7. We reserve the right to amend the pricing mentioned above without further notice.