About Us

Different.cards is a high quality, one-stop, design & printing card service operated by Giraffe Limited. We take care of the design and printing and we organize the delivery for you. We are focusing on quality and on your convenience. Our highly trained designers will take care about everything, preparing your cards, inspecting the printing quality and offering you the integrity and professionalism you deserve. While we mostly serve Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, we do ship worldwide. Our customers include SMEs, startups, private individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as large corporations and conglomerates.

With a wide range of numerous happy clients, we’d like to invite you to try our service and to get in touch with us at any time. Besides cards, we also offer a range of other business stationery supplies to boost your business.

We developed different.cards as a service focused on three pillars:

Customer-Centered Service Experience

Highly Efficient and Customer Convenient

Offering High Quality Products

Giraffe Limited is an experience design agency founded in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong in 2013. We love design and we love helping businesses grow and perform better. We build products and services that build your business. We offer multiple services to help you achieve your business goals, ranging from innovation consulting to graphic design. For an extensive list of our services please visit our site.